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Friday, 22 April 2011

Bloodrayne... Finally!

Author: The Three Guys

Father, forgive us for we have sinned... It's been almost two months since our last update. So, to business!! We're trying some new things in this review, including the usage of film footage. It's offscreen footage until I find better software (It always seems to be a software issue with us...)

So, the disclaimer:
The following review is the property of The Three Guys. This video contains footage from Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne, images from the Playstation2 video game and music by The Smashing Pumpkins. The copyrights and intellectual properties displayed within this video all belong to their relevant sources and The Three Guys claim no ownership of them. This video is filmed purely for the sake of entertainment and as such, claims no copyrighting whatsoever of the contained material. Please don't sue us, we love you!

Right, that being said, on to the review:

Bloodrayne Review from Three Guys on Vimeo.

Now, with regards to the bit about Ben Kingsley's wig, it would have probably helped to have a shot of him with it actually on, so here you go:

You can see why we were shocked now...

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