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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Zombie. Zombie. Zombie. Zombie Nation....

Author - MrCraiggy

No, no, not the song... The game! (Sorry to all people who follow this global trend)

Zombies!!! (Yes, the exclamation marks are a part of the title) is a board game by a company called Twilight Creations.

And this is quite possibly the most fun someone can have with up to six people... I mean, what else could six people in a room, all alone possibly think of to occupy themselves other than a board game? (Clean your minds!)

The objective of Zombies!!! is to escape a city that is infested with the walking dead. To do this, the player must be the first to reach the centre of the helipad play tile. Now, to put this in to a little perspective for you, the board starts out with just one tile, the town square. All players start in the centre square of this tile and each turn, the player draws a tile from the deck and places it as they see fit, also placing a number of zombies and tokens on the tile too. Some tiles are just simple bits of the city, but some are specialist locations such as the police station or shopping mall and as such have more zombies to contend with. The player then rolls for their own movement, moves and then at the end of their turn, they roll a dice to see how many zombies they get to move and effectively send after the other players, insert evil laughter here...

Now, here's where the play gets fun; each player has three special 'event' cards which they can play one per cycle of turns. These can range from anything such as "Hey look, a shotgun" which adds to their combat rolls against zombies, to the very annoying "Bad sense of direction" card which returns a target player right back to the starting square...

As you can guess, this game can get very, and I mean very competitive, with arguements and backstabbings aplenty, so be sure of your security in your friendships before playing with this game, or just play with people who annoy the hell out of you in the first place, just so you can get some revenge.

Twilight Creations have also produced expansions to Zombies, providing different locations. Some of which include a circus, a high school, a military base and a prison. Each of these expansions provide new event cards and new map tiles to add to your game, some of them even provide new zombie models, like the circus expansion having clown zombies. They have also released a sister game called Humans!!! where players take on the role of the zombies and chase after the humans. The fun thing here is that both games are designed to work together, some players playing humans, some playing zombies and chaos following along not far behind. There is another game also by Twilight Creations which involves martians, but I have only seen the box and have never really paid much attention to it as I imagine it'll be more of the same.

All in all, the Zombies!!! franchise, including Humans!!! is an excellent concept and provides hours of fun and often frustration, but if you're willing and able to put the time in to this game, I promise you shall not be disappointed!

MrCraiggy out.

Twilight Creations can be found at: http://www.twilightcreationsinc.com

Uploading 'The Dave'

Hi guys, basically due to various constraints we cant yet release the reviews in store. Instead im here to tell you that despite this I will keep you updated with some information. So still keep tuned, for now however I have something to get your jaws into, which thankfully involves no 'jaws' films what-so-ever.

Firstly let me talk about some things I wish to share with you, im one of these who has recently been transported into the wild wastes known as manga and anime. A crazy world of crazy haircuts and ambiguously aged girls in revealing clothing, there are those that I personally feel have artistic flair, unique quality or abit of both. And if theres one I will advise for those who enjoy a laugh on multiple levels it would be The Legend Of Koizumi. So what is this all about and why do I need to look out for it? theres no real easy way to describe this other than its a fast paced, fun poking manga/anime machine which parodies Japanese culture, various politics and polaticians and just as funny seems to light-heartedly parody the very genre that it stands in.

In short it makes fun of both itself and politics, Koizumi is the main protagonist and throughout he's depicted as an over the top paragon/hero to his people, Junichiro Koizumi was in fact the 89th prime minister of Japan and was an extremely respected and loved politician and his wavy grey hair has become an icon of his.... (im being deadly serious) hell! he even picked up the nickname 'lion heart' due to his hair and fierce spirit, along with 'Maverick' due to him shaking things up. So it is no surprise that this anime/manga has taken a satrical heroic approach to his under-lineing character, free with matching mane. (Expect a brand of Koizumi, pump action actionman dolls)

I mean who needs G.I Joe when you can have a man this great! In the manga series it developes a little bit more than the anime which dives straight into the action. The thing about this anime/manga is that everything is sorted via the game Mahjong in the manga the main protagonist saves the clumsy Taizo twice, so you can imagine how often these strange and weird battles take place. If you have noticed I have said battles as opposed to Mahjong games you would have noticed right, because these games feel like battles and are played out in an epically over the top scale. I maybe reading into it too much but it has an atmosphere that makes me think that its putting its middle finger up at anime shows like 'Yu Gi Oh' by making comical statements about how ridiculously over the top these shows based on card games etc... are, I would even go so far to say that it is laughing at the very manga/anime genre... the over the top caricatures of the politicians the relentless fast pace and surreal situations, its allmost jarring if it wasn't for its style, comedy and flair.

In the manga Koizumi often makes jokes about how Japan deal with politics via anyway possible (cheating or not) and makes a few statements. This series isn't however for everyone, its not to be taken seriously and it is making light-hearted jokes on a political level, however it is a unique and obscure series which is one of few which strives to be different.

So heres a link to the first episode...so enjoy and thanks again for reading and hopefully in a month or so time you will have fully fledged videos to watch.

Thanks from, 'The Dave'

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Affiliate Ahoy!!

Author - MrCraiggy

Okay, so a friend of mine from university also has a site that you should all go and check out!!

It's at http://jameseagle.wordpress.com/ so head on over and say hi on behalf of us all here at Three Guys.

Also, this link has been put on the Three Guys profile so you can always find it at a later date.

In the immortal words of Vash the Stampede: "Love and peace!"


Daves Lineup

Hi guys, basically we have quite a few ideas coming up for upcoming reviews of both films and games and let me tell you its going to be good. (and bad...for us)

I myself have a few lined-up from the God awful spectrum to the angelically good, all expressed in hilarious three dimensional vision ....I mean in hilarious expressive means. We will be telling apart what should be round house kicked out of orbit by Chuck Norris, to the games which both deserve the title of great game or needs to be brought into the lime-light. So think of it like this, we are literally filtering through the trash, so if you see any of us pictured in this blog looking through bins....don't call the police, just leave us to it haha

So what do I personally 'The Dave' have in store...

Bubsy 3D (if you don't know about it, your lucky....very lucky)
Phantom Crash
CSI: NY the game

Dragon Storm
and more....

So this is a catch you later from me 'The Dave' and keep updated on the Triforce which is 'Three Guys With Too Much Time'

A Short Before Sleep...

Author - MrCraiggy

On my daily youtube browsings, I came across this and immediately had to watch it, as it combines three of my greatest loves: Wrestling, skating and gaming.

So, here you go, and I hope you find it as hilarious as I did...


Peace out and pleasant dreams,


Monday, 28 June 2010

In the beginning...

Okay, so here's the deal.
We're three guys with WAY too much time on our hands, as the blog title suggests, and so what we intend to do is use this blog for various different things: Reviews for films/games/TV/food/anything! General life stuff, observations, fun things, links that we think you should be aware of, that sorta stuff...

So, to introduce you to our team, there's currently myself - MrCraiggy

Real Name: Craig J. Morgan
Favourite Colour: Violet
Favourite Book: The Bible, or anything by Dan Abnett
Favourite Film: The original Star Wars trilogy
Favourite Game: Mario Kart 64
Other Interests: Wrestling, roller blading, snooker/pool, writing, music, drawing, anime/manga, cooking, roleplay/board games
Interesting Fact: Being northern, I do in fact bleed gravy instead of blood...
Quote: "I've never been beaten by life yet; why would I choose to start now?"

There's The Dave

Real Name: David Wallbank
Favourite Colour: Blue with a hint of awesome
Favourite Film: The new Batman reboots, Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit, Matrix, Hot Fuzz
Favourite Game: Jet Set Radio Future, Unreal Tournament, the Broken Sword series, Left 4 Dead (online)
Other Interests: Drawing/painting/ceramics, roleplaying, outdoorsy stuff
Interesting Fact: The word 'robot' comes from the czech 'robota', meaning drudgery, forced labour, servitude - Oh, you meant about me?
Quote: "As wise as an Owl stuck in honey..." (Don't ask)

And then our third guy, who hasn't actually agreed to this yet, but he will, we know he will, is Sid; or as I have affectionately dubbed him: "Sidders", so more on him later.

So that's the team! We hope you enjoy our stuff, and we hope to not just be a text based site, hopefully we'll be able to get some video posts up here too if and when we figure out how to do that.

Adios for now,
MrCraiggy out!