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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Recent Round Up.

Author: Mr. Craiggy

Okay, so it's been a while since our last update. Sadly, no video this time, but I just thought I'd take some time to give you something of an update of what's been going on in the wonderful world of the Three Guys.

Firstly, we've sent Sidders off on an adventure to the American lands on a bloodhunt for Uwe Boll (We didn't have the heart to tell him that Boll lives in Canada...) so I'm sure he'll have something to say about his trip when he gets back.

As for me, well, I've been playing lots of games as you've seen. My list includes Street Fighter IV and Marvel VS Capcom 3. Not much to say here, both fun games, especially MvC3 though I'd like a lot more in the way of unlockable characters... Also on my list was Sega's espionage RPG: Alpha Protocol. If you want my honest opinion, I do like this game. The story's very spy movie-esque but without the over the top nature of say a Bond movie or Just Cause 2 (More on that later). The controls handle nicely, though the aiming can sometimes be a bit annoying. Moving from cover to cover handles very well. My one issue is it didn't feel like anything original... The combat and stealth felt very much like it was trying to be Splinter Cell, the weapon upgrades felt very Army of Two, the dialogue felt like a poor Mass Effect/Dragon Age and the main character's voice actor was a bit... Cardboard...

So, Just Cause 2. This has taken up most of my gaming time recently. I checked my gametime and I've played almost 21 hours worth of it and still only have a 25% completion rate. This game may take up the rest of my life, and I love it for it... It's just so much fun! Sure the plot's very far fetched and over the top, it's very cinematic and the game defies most if not all of the laws of physics, but it's just mindless FUN! And that's what I want from games. It's the largest sandbox game I've played, ever. It's bigger than either of the Saint's Row installments (Also, very excited for The Third).

Still on the Sandbox vibe, I finally got around to trying Crackdown 2... I loved the first Crackdown game, for the same reason I love all superpowered sandbox games like Prototype and InFamous, and Just Cause 2 because let's face it, Rico's a superhero! But, Crackdown 2 just felt bland. It was more of the same, which is nice, but not enough. A tagged on story about a vampire zombie virus outbreak isn't enough to make me want to play the same game again...

Still on my to-do list is Dungeon Siege III and Brink, both of which I've preordered on Steam and am currently preloading Brink so I don't have to wait while it downloads on release day this coming Friday.

As for The Dave? Well, he's been somewhat elusive. I think he's plotting world domination again, and let's face it, who'd try and stop him? It's Dave for crying out loud! But seriously, he's been a very busy boy with his workload and as such I don't think he's been doing much in the way of gaming but will happily be corrected by him. We did however, the three of us, get to see Thor in 3D on release day at our local Vue cinema.

Let me say, as a massive comic-book fan, I'll admit Thor is a character I don't know a lot about other than the bare basics. I never really followed any of his series' other than The Avengers, I haven't even read much Ultimates, which is the basis for the movie franchise from what I gather. As such, Thor was a throwaway movie to me, I wasn't excited about it, but still said I'd see it. Let me tell you, I am SO glad that we went. This movie blew me away! The writing was good, the action was well choreographed, the special effects/CGI was nicely done. There was humour, there was romance, there was... Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings :D There really was something for everyone. 3D did nothing for this movie though. there wasn't really anything that jumped out saying "WOW! Look, I'm 3D!!!" The best bit of 3D was the advert for Real3D before the movie with a robot dog playing with that training ball from Star Wars.

So yeah, that's been us since the Bloodrayne review, which still has me feotal as a movie... Though part of wants to try and endure the second and third offerings now... *cringe*

Well, that's enough for the moment, so until next time:

This is Mr. Craiggy, signing out for Three Guys.