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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Deadman Wonderland

Author: Sidders (Text section by Mr. Craiggy)

So, here's our latest review in our Three Guys continuity. This review, for those of you following our plot, takes place after Sidders invented and immediately regretted his "Not Dragonball" drinking game (See Dragonball Evolution review).

Apologies for this video not being uploaded sooner, but for some reason it decided to chew up, spit out and dance all over my editing software when I tried doing something clever instead of just putting clips in sequentially, so this is our first video using Sidders' semi-professional standard editing software (Being a screenwriter and everything, in case you hadn't guess by now; he's mentioned it that often...)

So yeah, this is the first of hopefully a new breed of Three Guys videos, featuring better quality, better effects and all around better, ummm, ness.... Yeah, betterness!

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As mentioned in the video, Three Guys is an entertainment format and all opinions and reviews placed here are for entertainment purposes and conform to copyright standards. Please don't sue us.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

hunger games trilogy review

points i forgot to mention:

the characters are very dark, very complicated and therefore very human, i found myself yelling at the pages when a character did something they shouldn't! and i nrealy cried on 2 occasions becuase you become so emotionally invested in the characters and their situation.

there is a social message bout how the children are the ones to suffer due to adults and war and shellshock etc but i only care that its a fun read tbh; very cleaver takes on some ideas and creative. and with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in teh film i now have 2 reasons to love it more :D

Points Sidders Forgot to Mention Further:
Capital letters.
This is another bonus post.
Skynet is aware.
The Game.
Three Guys don't usually do bandwagon books, but in this case we'll let him off.
Hunger Games is the intellectual property of its author and now the production company making the films, this review is done purely for entertainment purposes and is in no way intended to breech copyright laws. Please don't sue us.