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Friday, 30 March 2012

Apologies and the Future!

Nothing much to say here.

Just a taste of things to come, along with our deepest apologies.

That Hungry Game Everyone's Talking About...

Author: Sidders

A quick, improv review of the new Hunger Games film.


Street Fighter... Finally.

Author: Mr. Craiggy

So, this one's been on the editing block for ages! We filmed it a while back and it just got delayed with stuff.

This being said, there are now a few discrepancies that need to be addressed. The first of these is that Soul Caliber V and Street Fighter X Tekken have both now been released... Yeah, we filmed it that long ago.

Another addition that I'd like to make is that I've now added King of Fighters XIII to my gaming catalogue, and boy is it beautiful! I wanna do a video just on that, but we've still a lot of stuff planned before we get to that.

So, here's the video. Please enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.