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Thursday, 14 July 2011

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, no comic movie shall escape our sight.

Author - Mr. Craiggy

Well, apologies for not posting for a while but it's been all go recently. I'd planned to write this review a while ago, but never got around to it so again, apologies for that.

A few weeks ago, myself and The Dave went to go watch the Green Lantern movie as a sort of late birthday night out for myself (Yes, Mr. Craiggy is a whole year older now...)

Now, let me start by saying that I am a HUGE Green Lantern AND Ryan Reynolds fan, so this was a make or break film for me. And let me continue by saying that overall, I was not disappointed.

Okay, so it's an adaptation of the origins story of Hal Jordan. This story has been told so many times that anyone with even the remotest knowledge of GL history will know it. So the story goes, Abin Sur crashlands on earth and his ring seeks out a replacement, finding hotshot risk taking test pilot, Hal Jordan. With me so far? Good. Okay, so the film starts with an explanation about the Green Lantern corps and what it is, what it does etc. I liked this, because it got enough of the details out for newcomers to the GL franchise without being too boring for old faithfuls like myself. Now, here's were the story changes a little for the film. Abin Sur (Played by Temuera Morrison, of Jango Fett fame) got his arse handed to him by an entity known as Parallax. Okay, fair play, there's no larger threat in the GL universe than Parallax, except maybe the Black Lanterns, but he doesn't come til much later. I'll excuse this for adaption's sake.

The film progresses, and I have to say Mark Strong (Lord Blackwood from Sherlock Holmes) played an excellent Sinestro! But, to cut the story short and to avoid spoilers, there's a massive build up about Hal being the one who can overcome fear with courage and prove that Willpower is stronger than Fear (All very important plot threads in GL history, top marks there adaptors) but then leads to what I thought was a very rushed and somewhat anticlimactic ending...

Sure, I understand they had to leave some stuff out like the yellow impurity to the lantern rings, and I understand that they had to leave time for the bonus scene after the credits (Which, if you haven't seen Green Lantern yet and are a fan of the comics, you HAVE to stay and watch, or find online!) but the final fight with Parallax just felt hugely rushed and insignificant compared to the build up. Kinda like Nando's, you hear all these amazing things about the food there, get really excited and then when you get there, it's just chicken; nice chicken, but still just chicken... I'm gonna get shouted at by Sarah for that one later, but hey, everyone has an opinion right?

So, Green Lantern. Fun for fans and newcomers alike, even if it was a bit rushed at the end. The effects were brilliant and I have to admit this is one film I wouldn't mind seeing in 3D if the opportunity arose. Yeah, you heard it, I just admitted to wanting to give in to the gimmick of 3D... Ryan Reynolds was brilliant, but then, it's Ryan Reynolds, what did you expect? And I can't wait to see the next one, seeing as it has been rumoured to be a trilogy...

So, this is Mr. Craiggy, signing out for Three Guys.